🌟 Exciting Update from Kabakoo English Club! 🗣️🌍

🌟 Exciting Update from Kabakoo English Club! 🗣️🌍

Greetings, fellow Kabakoo learners and language enthusiasts! We recently had a fantastic English Club meet, and we can't wait to share the highlights with you. Here's a quick recap of the engaging activities we enjoyed together:

1️⃣ We're thrilled to announce that our new content producer is Mahamadou Sy!

Congratulations to Mahamadou for being elected by popular vote. He wowed us with a stunning photograph taken in his sector, Senou. The image truly captured the essence of his surroundings and sparked our appreciation for the beauty around us.

2️⃣ Our creative minds were put to the test as we embarked on a captivating storytelling exercise.

Armed with a set of intriguing words—Time, Timbuktu, Traveler, Interesting, Flowers, Short, Perhaps, Strawberries, Bird, Blue, Thirteen, Philosopher, Fingertips—we weaved imaginative tales together. One of our talented clubmates, Oualy Traoré, shared this story: Time is a really interesting thing because it allows us to be travelers, holding flowers under a tree while listening to birds. Philosophers would say that time can make us feel like we are thirteen different people. Strawberries grow with time, and Timbuktu wasn't built in a day, so I think it's true that time is money. Such creativity and linguistic exploration!

3️⃣ To further enrich our English language journey, we watched a short snippet of a thought-provoking speech by the visionary Steve Jobs during a Stanford graduation ceremony.

Jobs reminded graduating students that death is the best thing to make us realize we have nothing to lose. He encouraged us to block out distractions and stay focused on pursuing our passions. His words resonated deeply, inspiring us to channel our energy towards what truly matters.

We, as Kabakoo learners from West Africa, primarily French-speaking individuals on a quest to master English, are thrilled to be part of such engaging and immersive activities in the English Club. Together, we are breaking language barriers, expanding our horizons, and fostering a vibrant learning community.

Stay tuned for more updates from Kabakoo English Club, where language learning knows no boundaries! 🌟🌍🗣️

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